ECO INNOVATION GROUP is a german production and development company, located in Munich. We represent a proven approach, visionary engineering and many years of experience in water treatment.


The young company plans with its innovative ideas and concepts to solve one of the biggest issues in human history.


ECO INNOVATION GROUP GmbH sets its own goal, to solve the problem with unhealthy drinking-water all over the world – sustained!


ECO INNOVATION GROUP focus on and serve the countries in Africa, Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East, the Arab region but also countries and regions in all continents in which no comprehensive germ-free drinking water supply is guaranteed.


The Eco Solar Water Station Mark III can be spent in disaster areas with

non-existent and / or destroyed infrastructure in refugee and emergency camps, the military, in schools and hospitals, in governmental institutions, in remote regions etc. quickly set up and within minutes be put to use.


In close cooperation with aid agencies, NGOs, states, governments, ministries, WHO, UN and many organizations & associations the ECO INNOVATION GROUP realizes sustainable help for self-help, for the water-suffering people on our planet.



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